Feb 11, 2022 | By: Mary Balstad

Legislative Panel Hosted by Bemidji Chamber Connects Delegates to the Community

Local legislators got a chance to connect with community members from across Northern Minnesota today.

The Bemidji Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a Northern Minnesota Legislative Panel at Bemidji’s Sanford Center Friday morning. In attendance were:

Rep. Matt Bliss (R), District 5A

Rep. Steve Green (R), District 2B

Sen. Justin Eichorn (R), District 5

Sen. Paul Utke (R), District 2

The legislators were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the early morning panel. Ready to talk about ongoing issues throughout the state, four of the five delegates provided updates on major topics such as the record surplus funds, unemployment and shortages in the workforce, particularly in trade fields, and many other statewide discussions.

All four legislators shared their thoughts on the projected $7.7 billion surplus. The consensus among the Republican leaders is to not invest in long-term programs that Governor Walz is advocating for. Rather, the four delegates called for additional tax relief, mainly for business owners. The surplus could also be used to pay Minnesota’s debt to the federal government.

Those who attend the event formally heard from each delegate. Attendees also had the chance to voice their questions and concerns to the legislators.

The main talking points of the Q&A panel revolved around vocational schools, combating unemployment, and preserving northern Minnesota’s ecosystem. The four legislators encouraged people to take part in Minnesota’s democracy and future.

The Minnesota legislature is currently in session until May 17.

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