Apr 14, 2017 | By: Haydee Clotter

TEDxBemidji Holds Inaugural Event

For Luke Upgren, TEDxBemidji was the first Ted Talk he attended and he was excited to hear unique perspectives on topics affecting people of all ages.

“It gives everyone a chance to see where some of these people come from, what we’re kind of doing as a community and some of that energy just coming to the forefront of the discussion,” said Luke Upgren, TEDxBemidji guest. “I think it’s really cool for young people and old people.”

It was a sold out event at the Historic Chief theater for the inaugural TEDxBemidji. TEDx is a locally organized TED Talk event.

The purpose of TEDxBemidji is for people to engage with one another and spark up a conversation about different subjects.

“It’s about things they might not talk about everyday,” said TEDxBemidji Co-Organizer Tammy Schotzko. “I hope that they take a new idea or they glean a different thought or they look and reframe their thought process on a subject that they maybe had a different opinion about in the past.”

Six speakers from the community had conversations ranging from deep topics such as race relations to lighter topics focused on clothing. Anton Treuer shared his story about issues facing Native Americans and how to overcome them.

“It’s one of the most pressing issues of our time and I wanted to talk about something that was personal as well as professional and so it seemed the best way to bridge all the passions and points of interest,” said TEDxBemidji Speaker Anton Treuer.

Bemidji thrives when…

“Jordan Heller scores goals for the Bemidji Beavers,” said Upgren.

“When we all lean in,” said Treuer.

Welcoming competition and cultural events are some of the reasons Bemidji thrives according to attendees. There were live viewing parties at Bemidji State University and the Rail River Folk School.

“We’re taking Bemidji to a global level because everyone in the world will have access to what’s happening here in Bemidji,” said Schotzko. “What a great way to make our community thrive by making it available to people all over the world.”

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