Nov 15, 2018 | By: Rachel Johnson

Riverside Elementary Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

Kindergarten classes at Riverside Elementary in Brainerd celebrated Thanksgiving today in a new and unique way. Instead of spending their normal lunch in the cafeteria, they came together and ate as a whole kindergarten unit.

Tables and chairs were set up down the hall of the kindergarten wing at the elementary school. All the kindergarten classes came together and shared a Thanksgiving meal together side-by-side. This is the first year that the elementary school has done this, and they hope to make it a tradition for their kindergarten classes.

“It was a dream of one of our kindergarten teachers to have all of kindergarten together on the same day eating a turkey dinner. In the past we’ve kind of had our own thing in our own classroom, and so it was a dream of hers, so we decided to set it up and it became a great experience,” said Riverside Kindergarten Teacher Jill O’Grady. “It really feels like we’re together as a family, a kindergarten family.”

The idea came from kindergarten teacher Trista Wenz when she wanted a way for all the classes to demonstrate the values and lessons they have been focusing on around Thanksgiving. The students talked about giving, being kind, table manners, and of course, what they are thankful for.

Schools throughout the Brainerd District will be holding Thanksgiving lunches and programs leading up to the holiday next week.

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