Nov 30, 2022 | By: Mary Balstad

Palubicki’s Family Market in Fosston Purchased by Hugo’s Supermarket Chain

The family-owned and Fosston-based Palubicki’s Family Market & Spirits is no stranger to change. From opening in 1975 to changing ownership in 2006 and finally doubling its size in 2016, things don’t stay still for the business.

The latest development for the grocery store is being purchased by the Grand Forks-based Hugo’s Family Marketplace. With this purchase, the name may change, but other important aspects of the store are expected to remain the same.

Although the name will be changing from Palubicki’s to Hugo’s, other aspects of the business will stay the same. The adjacent liquor store is included in what Hugo’s will be keeping, along with all the current employees at Palubicki’s and their current roles.

With such a big development happening not only for the Palubicki family but also the community of Fosston, the support is still present for present and future endeavors.

The addition of Palubicki’s to Hugo’s gives the chain 12 total supermarkets. This also includes 7 liquor stores, 4 pharmacies, and 9 Caribou Coffee shops throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.

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