Apr 17, 2018 | By: Josh Peterson

Northwoods Adventure: How Ice Conditions Could Impact The Fishing Opener

Trucks hauling snowmobiles is a common sight for January and February, but not for the month of April. This year’s ongoing winter has left many wondering when spring will finally reach the north country, and also when will we see open water again. With ice thick enough to safely drive on, we could be waiting a while.

Currently on some area lakes, ice depths are still over 36 inches thick. While this is not uncommon for Minnesota, there is still something extremely unique about this year’s ice conditions.

At just about any boat access around Lake Bemidji, a steady stream of vehicles pass through to see if there is any sign of the ice weakening, but as many can see, there is no such luck.

In less than a month, the public boat access at Bemidji’s Cameron Park should be filled with trucks boats and trailers for the Minnesota fishing opener, but because of this ongoing winter, it has created an interesting dynamic for one new local business.

Across the road from the Lake Bemidji Northwoods Water Access sits Northwoods Bait & Tackle, where its store management thought that they would be gearing up for open water season, not ice fishing season.

With a shop getting ready for its grand opening in just over a week, no matter what the lake conditions are, they say they are ready for just about anything.

With warm sunny days ahead, the hope is that mother nature will make some headway on breaking down that ice.

If you would like more information about Northwoods Bait & Tackle, please follow this link: http://www.northwoodsbait.com

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