Aug 2, 2023 | By: Charlie Yaeger

Little Falls Theatre Company Bringing ‘The Sound of Music’ to the Stage

By Olivia Armstrong

Until the lights go up and the curtains open, Little Falls Theatre Company members are working diligently to bring their production of “The Sound of Music” to the stage.

People around the Little Falls area have been coming together since early June to bring the classic musical to life and see their project come to fruition.

“We live in St. Cloud, so we drive here to Little Falls every day for rehearsal,” says actor David Symalla. “We wanted to do this as a family. My wife, myself and my daughter are all in the show, and it’s been welcoming. It’s been a lovely experience.”

“The production team creates a really positive environment. You can be a first-time person to the stage or be a really seasoned actor and you feel like you can be successful,” Says actor Matt Trombley. “And so anybody should be able to audition. And that’s one thing I love about what they’ve created here is that anybody can participate on their level, which means it makes it really accessible for anybody to be a part of Little Falls theater.”

“I think it’s just really powerful that everybody puts in the same amount of energy and they everyone gets excited for each other. And … you get to have this other family outside of your own and it’s really special,” says actor Sophie Klemp.

The cast and crew members hope that by bringing the show to the stage, they will create an environment for all ages to enjoy.

“It’s been really cool to see it grow and change into what it is now. We have so many people doing so many things and the environment is so full of love and passion for theater, even if they’ve never done it before,” says director Emma Ahlin.

“The Sound of Music” will have six performances between Thursday, August 3 and Sunday, August 13 at the Charles D. Martin Auditorium. A list of showtimes and information on purchasing tickets can be found at the Little Falls Theatre Company’s website.

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