Dec 15, 2018 | By: Shirelle Moore

In Focus: Gallery North Hosts “Creative Cafe” Mini Art Classes

Gallery North in Bemidji is encouraging the public to tap into their inner artist with their monthly “Creative Café” events. The event has been gaining a reputation in the community as a great place to pick up a new art skill.

“We are a group of local 20 community artists, and every month we take turns sharing some of our ability and expertise with people, and it costs $5 for you to come for about 2 hours,” says Chuck Alberti, an artist who taught a torn paper mosaic class for this month’s Creative Café.

The Creative Café is always held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. They start at 4 in the afternoon. With the rotating artists, each month is always a little different.

Colleen Hilts, an artist who taught a class on bottle cork reindeer, explains her craft: “It’s just give corks and you cut them and put them together. They’re pretty simple, but you’ve got hot glue, which burns your fingers real easily. Some of them have antlers, some of them don’t.”

Jamie Lee, an artist who taught a class on making pebble art greeting card, says, “I really like how you can evoke different emotions or different sensations just by the most micro-movement.”

All the materials for the crafts are provided, so it’s a great way to try new things.

“What we’re doing here today is alcohol ink. We’re doing Christmas ornaments with the alcohol ink and you can do all kinds of things with alcohol ink,” says Mary Morton, who taught an alcohol ink Christmas ornament making session.

Whether you want to learn new tricks or techniques or want to try something new, the classes are great way to start.

“I mostly have written books, you know? And this is way more fun than the loneliness of a book over years and years of time,” says Lee.

Many also agree that mini art lessons are also just a lot of fun.

“It’s a good excuse to have some holiday cheer at home so you can get some corks,” says Hilts with a laugh.

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