Jan 4, 2022 | By: Emma Hudziak

Four Injured in Fish House Fire on Upper Red Lake

Four people were injured following a fish house fire Saturday on Upper Red Lake.

On January 1st, 2022 around 12:39 PM, the Beltrami County Emergency Communications Center received a report of a fire located in a fish house on Upper Red Lake. According to a release by the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office, a propane tank had exploded inside the fish house, resulting in four injuries.

Those in the fish house, two men and two women, were taken to an area resort to wait for arrival of first responders. Due to the travel distance of medical facilities and the types of injuries, there were two air ambulances that were dispatched to the Waskish Airport.

Upon arrival of deputies, it was reported that both a male and female had already been transported by an ambulance to the Waskish Airport to meet the air ambulances. A second male and female were being treated by the emergency medical team at the resort for burn-related injuries. Those in the fish house at the time had said that they were using 20 lb propane tanks and a heating mechanism when a hissing sound went off.

After the valves were closed on the propane tank, a large fireball had filled the fish house. The deputies were able to locate the structure fire close to 2.5 miles from the shore on the northeast side of Upper Red Lake. Officers described it as a rigid frame wheeled portable fish house that had several areas on the exterior that were melted and burned.

There were two propane tanks within the structure itself that appeared to be intact. The two men and two women were all transported by ground and air ambulances. The extent of their injuries and current conditions are unknown at this time.

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