According to the U.S Department of Justice National Crime Victimization Survey. Every two minutes someone is raped. There is an average of over two hundred and ninety three victims of rape and sexual assault each year. The victims of rape can be any age, religion, gender, or ethnicity. It is a crime of opportunity. CLC in Brainerd held a seminar to educate on how to avoid becoming the next victim.

In the class attendees learned about what qualifies as rape and learned some new ways to prevent it from happening. Some of the tips included setting limits, being aware of ones surroundings, being assertive, and above all trust your gut.

One in five Minnesota women experience rape in their lifetime and only one in ten cases are ever reported.

There are many Sexual assault services that give victims an option to remain anonymous and help them deal with the emotional pain. Victims have legal rights but they also have the right to have their voices heard.

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