Jun 23, 2023 | By: Charlie Yaeger

Brainerd Public Library’s Family Story Time is More Than Just Reading to Children

Every Thursday, the Brainerd Public Library plays host to one of their most popular children’s programs, Family Story Time.

“When I first started as a children’s librarian, it was after COVID and story time was one of those that a lot of patrons were asking, ‘when is it coming back?’” said Amanda Pommerening. “And it was an easy one to get going right away and have people back in-person in the library being able to engage, getting young readers started, kids enjoying the library, picking up books, and hearing stories.”

Family Story Time takes reading to children to the next level, though, with the addition of arts and crafts. Every week there is a new theme, and this week was bicycles. So, after reading about bikes, the children were able to make tassels for the handlebars from golf tees, streamers, and ribbons.

“I like to add the craft because not everybody has as many art supplies and craft supplies at home as the library can provide,” Pommerening noted. “It’s just an extra element that we can bring to them. We have a lot of families that like the play area and the art station we set up, so it’s just an extension of that and something we can offer for young families and patrons.”

Pommerening also likes to involve the children in the reading as well.

“I think it helps engage the kids in the story and also makes them think about other emotions,” she said. “I like the reactions that some of the kids give and how there might be a part of the story that I don’t see that they do or that sparks their interest and gets them talking about stuff. So it’s just always neat to see their unique perspective.”

Family Story Time is every Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon at the Brainerd Public Library. Next week’s theme is dragons.

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