May 19, 2023 | By: Mary Balstad

Bike Friendly Walker Promotes Cycling Safety for Kids as Summer Traffic Picks Up

With the summer season approaching, sidewalks and streets will see more cyclists. On Wednesday, Bike Friendly Walker hosted their annual bike rodeo to promote safe practices for kids of all experiences when they are on a bike.

Those driving will see these young cyclists behind a different wheel and may have already spotted them with the weather warming up. As these cyclists are children, Bike Friendly Walker is looking to educate school-aged riders about bike safety.

The lessons included 10 courses that centered around hand signals, what to do at stop signs, and how to navigate obstacles and hazards. Lessons taught off of the bike focused on proper use of safety gear, such as how to properly fit and wear a helmet and ensuring the brakes work.

Whether the kids are experienced riders or just starting out, the skills learned through this course not only encourage safe biking practices, but a healthy lifestyle as well.

“It’s really about enjoying the outdoors,” said Bike Friendly Walker member Simon Whitehead. “It’s not necessarily about racing and being competitive. It’s more about just getting outside, fresh air, getting exercise. You can burn a lot of calories if you just bike for an hour every other day.”

The event was co-sponsored by Walker-Hackensack-Akeley High School’s community education department and the Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. Bikes and helmets were also provided through the Cass County Bike Fleet for kids who did not have one.

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