Oct 21, 2019 | By: Destiny Wiggins

Bemidji School Board Discusses Importance of Early Childhood Development

The Bemidji School Board meeting discussed several topics in today’s meeting, including early childhood learning and importance of support for parents with infants.

The meeting played a condensed version of a documentary titled “No Small Matters'” that discussed the importance of early childhood education. The video was played to shed light on the issue as well as to understand what can be done to help and support parents of infants.

Cailee Furer, Early Childhood Collaborative Coordinator, says, “So between the ages birth through five is when the most brain development happens in a person’s life. It’s when all of those neurons are connecting and allowing quality rich experiences, in those early years sets the foundation for children to grow and have stable relationships, to be able to learn and have academic success in school later on.”

The full version of “No Small Matters” will be screening tomorrow at Bemidji High School at 6 p.m.

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