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Childcare Shortage Hurting Itasca County

For the past couple of years, childcare has been an area of concern for young families in Itasca County.

Sen. Ruud Host “Conversations With Carrie” Meetings

Every Wednesday for six weeks Senator Ruud will visit three communities to chat with them and listen to their concerns. The topics of the day were diverse. However, one...

Northwoods Adventure: A Breezy Ice Fest in Breezy Point

Days out from Ice Fest in Breezy Point, there were concerns of weather or not the ice would be ready for the festivities that weekend. The show did go on and guests were...

Community Members Gather at Pequot Lakes to Discuss Youth Issues

Due to technology and other outside influences the list of challenges that today’s teens face seem endless. Members of the community came together to discuss how to raise...

Medicaid Waiver Program Gains Steam

Minnesota lawmakers have made it easier for counties to give out Medicaid waivers to people who need them. These social service dollars help people who deal with a number...

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