Mar 1, 2019 | By: Anthony Scott

Record Snowfall Could Cause Flooding In The Spring

With Minnesota’s record snowfall and the potential for rapid melting when warm temperatures arrive, the risk of late winter or early spring flooding may be much higher this year.

The State Climatology Office with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources posts a weekly map of snow depth throughout the state. In addition to snow depth, other factors that affect flood risk include the water content of the snow, how quickly the snow melts and whether heavy rain occurs during the snow melting process.

To protect yourself from potential flooding damage, the Minnesota Department of Commerce encourages people to purchase flood insurance.

It is important for Minnesotans to know three things about flood insurance:

  • Flood damage is not covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy.
  • There is a 30-day waiting period after purchasing a flood insurance policy before it takes effect.
  • Flooding can occur even outside of flood-prone areas.

More information about flood insurance is available at As with any insurance policy, carefully review the details before purchasing. It is important to know both what is covered and what is not.

If you have a concern or problem with your insurance policy, insurance agent or insurance company, contact the Commerce Department’s Consumer Services Center by email at or by phone at 651-539-1600 or 800-657-3602 (Greater Minnesota).

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