Oct 18, 2019 | By: Destiny Wiggins

New Funding for Equipment at Leech Lake Tribal College

Raymond Burnes, President of Leech Lake Tribal College, signed off on the closing agreement for the United States Department of Agriculture grant which will provide equipment for the college today in Cass Lake.

The college has had the grant since 2001 and has received over $2 million over that time. The grant will cover all types of equipment such as steel book cases, classroom and office items and snow plows.

Burnes stated, “It’s a special grant that was set up by the USDA in the early 2000s to reach out the colleges and provide funding for equipment and other uses that are special set aside funds.”

Leech Lake Tribal College is a underfunded college, and any source of funding they receive is helpful. It allows the college to obtain money they might not have to use for the improvement of the school.

“This shows us that the Leech Lake Tribal College, our primary focus is making sure that we provide the best possible opportunities for our students and through grants like this, this is a way we’re able to do that,” stated Burnes.

The grant was estimated at about $80,000.

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