Nov 2, 2022 | By: Lakeland News

GOP Gov. Candidate Jensen Holds Rally in Brainerd, Running Mate Birk Visits Bemidji

Scott Jensen, GOP hopeful for Minnesota Governor, and Matt Birk, who is running as a Republican for Lt. Governor, made trips around the Lakeland viewing area on Tuesday on their “Heal Minnesota” tour ahead of next week’s general election.

Jensen brought his campaign to Brainerd, where he held a rally at the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport. Supporters got the chance to meet with Jensen and listen to him speak, and to tell him what they would like to see changed. Some supporters who spoke to Lakeland News cited inflation and the economy as their top concerns.

During his speech, Jensen addressed what he says would make a difference for people in the state, including his belief that government was getting in the way of letting people do their jobs.

“We need to in America, we need to unleash the people that make our country,” said Jensen. “That means, we need to let teachers teach, we need to let farmers farm, we to let miners mine, we need to let loggers log, we need to let patients be in charge of their own healthcare. Folks, we need to get government the heck out of the way.”

Jensen said if elected as governor, he already has a list of laws and accomplishments he would like to pass and achieve in his first 100 days.

“We will rewrite emergency powers, we will have photo ID [required for voting], we will have student choice, and we will elevate your Second Amendment rights so that you have castle doctrine, protecting you in your home, your business, your car, and you do not need to retreat,” claimed Jensen.

Also on Tuesday, Matt Birk came a little farther north to Bemidji on the “Heal Minnesota” tour.

Greeted by supporters at the Bemidji Regional Airport, Birk spoke about why he decided to run with Jensen before taking a few questions. Among the questions included their plans for tax reform, education, and declining test scores, and the uptick in crime throughout the state.

Birk’s next stop will be at the Capitol Building in St. Paul with Jensen on November 11th.

Hanky Hazelton and Mary Balstad contributed to this story.

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