Jan 30, 2023 | By: Justin Othoudt

Itasca Waters to Continue “Practical Water Wisdom” Series

Itasca Waters will be continuing its “Practical Water Wisdom” Series, which began in 2022. Each program is held on the first Thursday of each month and lasts only an hour.

The monthly educational program is meant to showcase practical ways citizens can keep water clean and safe in their community. The program covers a variety of topics such as fishing, well water management, aquatic recreation, and aquatic wildlife protection. These programs take place virtually and are free to attend.

“People just don’t know enough about water, it’s a very precious special resource that in Minnesota just seems like it’s everywhere,” said Itasca Waters Advisory Board Member Stephanie Kessler. “And that’s really special and precious, so we wanna protect that.”

The first “Water Wisdom” program will take place next Thursday, February 2nd at noon and will focus on the relationships between loons and bald eagles in the wild. If you would like to attend this session, or any of Itasca Waters’ other programs, you can register on their website linked here.

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