Nov 4, 2022 | By: Lakeland News

Beltrami County Releases Jail Project Survey Results

Beltrami County now has some feedback from the public to consider regarding the future of the Beltrami County Jail.

A public comment portal for citizens to provide feedback was open for more than two months and closed on Oct. 31.

The data gathered from the feedback shows the top three preferred options from the public are:

  • 1. Build a new jail (235)
  • 2. Expand the jail (212)
  • 3. Build a regional jail (190)

The number of responses after each option indicate the number of people who said they “probably would” or “definitely would” support that option.

The survey also sought feedback on potential funding sources for a jail project. When asked how likely individuals would be to support a local option sales tax, the responses were as follows:

  • Very likely – 143
  • Likely – 121
  • Neither likely or unlikely – 58
  • Unlikely – 29
  • Very unlikely – 57

When asked how likely individuals would be to support an increase in property taxes, the results were as follows:

  • Very likely – 45
  • Likely – 89
  • Neither likely or unlikely – 69
  • Unlikely – 70
  • Very unlikely – 135

Beltrami County will now utilize the feedback received as it takes the next steps in addressing the county jail’s current deficiencies and future needs.

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