Aug 28, 2023 | By: Lakeland News

Lakeland PBS’ 2023 Vacation Contest Giveaway Grand Prize Drawing

It’s a big night here on Lakeland News. It’s time for the Grand Prize drawing for the Lakeland PBS 2023 Vacation Giveaway. Tonight’s winner will receive a three-night stay at Cragun’s Resort near Brainerd, Minn.

All summer long we have announced five potential qualifiers each night on Lakeland News at 10. Those who called us by the end of the next business then qualified for this grand prize drawing.

Here’s a look at the numbers for this year’s contest. There were 295 potential qualifiers. Of those 295 people, 163, or a little over fifty-five percent qualified for tonight’s drawing. Those 163 qualifiers are from 68 different cities.

The Grand Prize Winner of the Lakeland PBS’ 2023 Vacation Contest Giveaway is Shawn Dunbar of Merrifield, Minn. Congratulations!

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