Feb 3, 2024 | By: Sammy Holladay

In Focus: “Dear Redhead” Exhibit Showcases One of Morrison County’s Best Artists

The “Dear Redhead” exhibit at the Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Museum in Little Falls displays some of the work of Wes Sod. While Sod’s name might not be immediately recognizable, many in Morrison County are familiar with his art.

Wes Sod’s work is as versatile as it gets. Not limiting himself to one medium, Sod used multiple tools and multiple ways to express himself through his art. Some of his most popular work depicted old buildings and landmarks in Morrison County.

Sod also would make personalized holiday cards which he would distribute to his friends. Many of these greeting cards were only seen by Sod and the person he sent them to. Thanks to the extended family of one of his closest friends, we can see some of the cards that Sod would personalize. It also is how the exhibit got the name “Dear Redhead.”

Wes Sod lived in Morrison County for 58 years before relocating to California and many locals still remember his work and even own some themselves. Sod chronicled Morrison County in a way that gives people from the area pride in the beauty their home has to offer.

The “Dear Redhead” exhibit will be on display at the Weyerhaeuser Museum through Labor Day weekend of this year.

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