Apr 26, 2018 | By: Shirelle Moore

Golden Apple: Park Rapids High School Hosts Mock Car Crash

It was made to look and feel as realistic as possible. Today’s mock car crash held at Park Rapids High School told the story about how one bad decision could change a life forever.

“The mock car crash is exactly what it sounds like. There’s a fake car crash, but it’s set up to educate people with actors and role players. And then the first responders come in and make it all happen,” says Sgt. Jesse Grabow, a public information officer with the Minnesota State Patrol.

Multiple agencies, including Hubbard 1st Response, the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office, MN Homeland security, MN Office of Traffic Safety, MN State Patrol, Nevis 1st Response, Nevis Fire Department, North Memorial Air Care, North Memorial Ambulance, Park Rapids Fire Department and Park Rapids Police Department, participated in the demonstration today. After the mock car crash, the students piled into the gym for some games and prizes. There was also a powerful message from a speaker named Ben Rudrud, who told his personal story about how his brother was killed after he was struck by a drunk driver in 1994.

Rudrud says, “Distracted driving is a problem, and the Minnesota State Patrol has been fantastic at giving out as much information as they can. I was invited here to give an impactful speech, but today, it was about the students.”

Three high schools including Park Rapids, Nevis and Laporte all came out to hear the message – that’s equal to about 550 students. At the end of the presentation, they were encouraged to sign a poster for their school and take the pledge to never get distracted behind the wheel.

“These kids are pledging to not text and drive, to not drive distracted, to not drink and drive and to make good decisions, so that’s why we’re here,” says Rudrud.

Those who were involved feel the kids got the message loud and clear.

“When we talk about fatal crashes, we call it “the fatal four” in what results in those types of crashes and that’s usually alcohol, distracted driving, unsafe speeds and lack of seatbelt use. We target just those four things and if we can keep bringing that up to them again, hopefully they can really focus on that to make the changes and get the education, the information out there. So again, when they get in that vehicle, whether they’re the driver of the passenger, that they do the right thing or they speak up and do the right thing.”

Park Rapids High School hosts mock car crashes every two years.

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