Oct 14, 2019 | By: Chaz Mootz

Deer Spotlight Surveys To Be Conducted By Bemidji State Students

Bemidji State University Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Jacob Haus and his students will be conducting evening spotlight surveys to assess deer population levels within certain areas of the City of Bemidji.

Roadside surveys will be conducted in 3 different areas using multiple vehicles (BSU vehicle with hazard lights). They will complete 4 planned routes for each of the 3 survey areas driving at slow speeds shining a spotlight. During the survey, they will record the number, age, and gender of deer seen, as well as the distance and habitat type where deer are observed.

Surveys will begin October 21st and are expected to be conducted over 3 weeks (October 21st – November 6th, excluding Halloween), starting at sunset and running until about 9:00 p.m.

Should you witness this survey activity, which would normally be perceived as illegal, we ask that you refrain from calling the Bemidji Police Department or the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Department and refrain from interrupting or otherwise disrupting the ongoing surveys. Residents are asked not to approach the vehicle in an assertive manner as law enforcement will be summoned immediately.

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