Profiles – Corey Medina & Brothers

Hear Corey Medina & Brothers play a part of “Old Dog Cryin.'”

Lakeland Currents 1023 – Great River Rescue

Approximately 70 million dogs and 36 million cats are owned by Americans and kept as household pets, according to statistics from the American Veterinary Medical...

Profiles – Lance Benson

Lance Benson talks about some of the changes you have to make when becoming a solo artist.

Lakeland Currents: Eye Health and Maintaining Good Eyesight

On this episode of Lakeland Currents, host Ray Gildow welcomes Dr. Seth Dokken, Optometrist at the Staples Eye Clinic. Together, they will be discussing eye health and...

Profiles – Kitchi Boogie

Steve Ross of Kitchi Boogie talks about one of the ways they approach songwriting.

Lakeland Currents: Workforce Housing

In this episode of Lakeland Currents, we focus our spotlight on housing. More specifically, we will be discussing a growing need in outstate Minnesota for the development...

Backroads 2008 – Corey Medina & Brothers

Blues-rock band Corey Medina & Brothers join us at the Rail River Folk School in Bemidji. Corey also talks to us about why it’s important for his songwriting to...

Common Ground 813 – Grant Goltz Blackduck Pottery

In this Season 8 finale’ episode, experimental archaeologist Grant Goltz (of LPTV’s documentary Birchbark Canoe) shares his theory of how pre-contact indigenous people of...

Lakeland Currents: Local Government Aid

In 2002, the city of Bemidji received more than $3.2 million in Local Government Aid. But by 2008, Bemidji’s LGA had dropped by just about $1 million. In response, the...

Backroads 2007 – Shannon Murray

Folk Punk artist Shannon Murray joins us at the Rail River Folk School in Bemidji. She talks to us about her history with music, and what it is like telling another...

Common Ground 812 – Geocaching

In this episode, join geocachers, who take to our trails to find containers marked by GPS (global positioning system) coordinates as a healthy, semi-competitive outdoor...

Lakeland Currents: Fire Protection in Greater Minnesota

When you think about your local property taxes, what are the priorities you think they should fund? Police officers? Road repairs? Perhaps park improvements? In this...

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