Oct 19, 2022 | By: Justin Othoudt

Vehicle Crash East of Becida Results in Drug Bust

Law enforcement discovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside a vehicle that crashed east of Becida on Sunday.

According to the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office, on Oct. 16th, 24-year-old Hanna Saul of Solway was driving westbound on County Road 9 in Rockwood Township at a high speed. She then hit a deer and lost control of her 2014 Hyundai. The vehicle entered the opposing ditch and skidded before crashing into a fence and came to a stop in a tree line.

Saul was attended to on the scene by emergency personnel and was later transported to Sanford Bemidji Medical Center before being transported to a hospital in Fargo.

Deputies searched the vehicle and found a number of drug-related paraphernalia, including marijuana wax, a marijuana grinder, two bags of marijuana, and marijuana vape cartridges. Saul admitted to using marijuana the night before and to driving 80 mph prior to the crash. She exhibited signs of impairment, and a warrant was obtained for a sample of her blood, which was sent to the BCA Lab.

Results for the blood test are still pending.

Editor’s Note: The incident was originally reported as taking place in Rockwood Township in Wadena County when it actually occurred in Rockwood Township in Hubbard County. We regret the error.

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