Get Involved

Getting involved can help bring to our attention news, events, and potential local specials we may not be aware of. Would you like to get more involved with Lakeland PBS and your community? Here are some fun and exciting ways you can help us out! Being involved with Lakeland PBS can bring you satisfaction and a sense of camaraderie with your neighbors.

Share Pictures or Video

You can make a difference in your community by sharing your experiences. Would you like to share your own video or photos? Lakeland PBS encourages our neighbors to share these things that would be of interest to our communities. In some cases, when viewers reach out to us in this way, we are notified of situations or events that could potentially be featured in one of our locally produced programs.

Help with Lakeland News

Every weeknight at Lakeland PBS we have three positions available for enthusiastic volunteers to help produce a live professional newscast: teleprompter, cameras, and audio. Even if you are new to these positions, we are more than happy to have someone work with you until you are comfortable.

The show starts at 9:58pm and ends at 10:28pm. Volunteers arrive at 9:30pm to prepare for the newscast. It is a great opportunity to gain real world experience in a live television production setting. If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions feel free to contact Nathan Green at 218-333-3064 or

Past Lakeland PBS Events

With the assistance and help from our communities together we have made Lakeland PBS a success and we thank you.