New Building Project

Lakeland Public Television Building for the Future

Lakeland Public Television has served the region for over 32 years from the same facility. Over that 32 year time span, the number of channels provided, the amount of local productions, and the size of staff to support these services has increased dramatically. LPTV’s growth in services, combined with television’s digital conversion and digital infrastructure has overloaded LPTV’s inadequate BSU facility in every way possible. In addition to not having enough physical space, inadequate HVAC and AC power issues have plagued LPTV in recent years. In July of 2011 alone, several major HVAC issues shut down critical equipment and took LPTV off the air on several occasions. Shut downs like this could very well take the station off the air indefinitely. It’s time for a new facility that will allow not just continued service the region, but increased service for citizens of northern and central Minnesota!

October 2014 Update: Our construction project is looking more and more like a real, live broadcast facility! Wahoo! We’re stoked at the idea of serving YOU from the new facility! Thanks, again, to everyone who has made this important part of our Building for the Future campaign possible! We could not have come this far without support from the people who appreciate and value what we do.

May 2015 Update: Beside some landscaping work that needs to be done, the construction is completed! Now that we have moved in, we have started broadcasting from the new building. We are mostly settled in now and are enjoying our new surroundings. Right now we are in the process of planning our Open House event. The community is invited to visit the new building for a guided tour. Bert and Ernie will be there too to meet everyone and take photos together! This will be taking place on May 29, 2015. We look forward to meeting you there!

Thanks for caring about the future of LPTV and for understanding the positive social power of thriving public media!

Enjoy the pictures of the construction progress! Watch the videos below to take a guided tour of our new building with LPTV General Manager Bill Sanford and see a news segment about our recent move!

Reminder: We are still raising funds for our Program Future Fund! The Joseph and Janice Lueken Family Foundation has committed to matching $125,000 toward this fund which will provide money for research and development of new, local programming that will positively impact the region. Just over $100,000 remains of this match. If you are feeling generous and compelled to contribute to the future of local productions here at LPTV, then please make a contribution. Any amount is helpful! Your dollars will go twice as far and you will be contributing to new, locally relevant programs created right here in northern Minnesota.

LPTV members support meaningful, enlightening media! We couldn’t be more grateful for you!


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