Feb 12, 2018 | By: Clayton Castle

Safety And Security A Top Priority In Blueprint 181

Blueprint 181, the referendum that will be put before Brainerd voters in a few short weeks, lays out four different areas that will be improved if the issue is passed. And school officials say it’s no mistake that improving safety and security is at the top of the list.

Among the improvements in many of the schools is creating a controlled locked entrance that will require all visitors and persons to check in at an office in order to enter the building.

When thinking about safety and security, it all comes back to access and who has access to what parts of the school building.

One of the safety and security issues that the district currently faces is the two separate buildings for the high school – a north and south campus. Officials hope that Blueprint 181 will address many of those concerns.

Throughout the community listening sessions, parents have embraced the plans for safety and security because it assures that the school is doing its job of protecting their children.

Election Day to vote on the referendum is set for April 10. If passed, the measure would increase the monthly school-related property tax on a median home value of $156,200 home anywhere from one to three dollars, depending on which of the three parts of the referendum are passed. If all three are passed, the tax would increase by seven dollars.

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