Jul 12, 2018 | By: Shirelle Moore

Revive Minnesota Brings Churches Together Under One Tent

People in Bemidji may have seen a giant tent down at Mt. Zion Church, and that’s because Revive Minnesota is officially in town. Revive Minnesota’s purpose is to bring all people together, no matter their religion. They focus on four main words when teaching the faith, which are “love,” “listen,” “discern” and “respond.” People come to the tent and receive the word, then after they leave the tent, they’re encouraged to spread that word by talking about faith and simply loving everyone in the community.

Paul Reiland, a Revive Minnesota Team Member, says,“ I think what’s really special about this outreach is it’s not just one flavor. We all know there’s different types of churches and denominations and we really have everybody represented here, which is awesome because that not normal, is it? But it says in the book of John 17:23, Jesus talks about unity and how it brings him glory and he’s really honored by that. So, we’re just excited to see the whole church coming together.”

Revive Minnesota will be in Bemidji all week until next Wednesday. Prayer starts every morning at 8 in the morning, then the group will go out into the street and spread the message of Jesus. Everyone is also invited to a community meal that’s happening Saturday night at Mt. Zion Church.

Becida Community Church Pastor Adam Molina says, “I think another goal of ours is to see transformation happen. We’re aware of the addiction that’s plaguing our community, the human trafficking, the separation of families. We’re aware of all of that, so we believe that the church coming together can find solutions for all of that, and so a part of why we’re coming together is because we want to see Bemidji transformed! We want to Northern Minnesota transformed by the glory of God.”

Revive Minnesota will also be going to different churches throughout the week. You can learn more about their schedule here.

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