Sep 10, 2014 | By: Lakeland PBS

Respiratory virus sweeps through Midwest schools

Enterovirus D68, a fast spreading respiratory virus that’s making its way throughout school in the Midwest. Minnesota schools and hospitals are preparing for it to hit the North Star State.
Symptoms for D68 include runny nose, sore throat, wheezing, rash, fever and persistent cough. Kids with other conditions like asthma or a weakened immune system could be at risk for more serve symptoms.
To help prevent the spread of diseases Crosby Ironton Public Schools has Purell hand sanitizers near the lunch line, extra food safety precautions like sneeze guards and rewashing used utensils. They teach their students and facility about the importance of washing hands and being healthy. As well as ensuring everything is properly disinfected. But they’re also aware despite their best efforts people get sick.
To help prevent the spread of disease the Minnesota Department of Health reminds everyone to cover their coughs and wash their hands often.

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