Jun 27, 2024 | By: Miles Walker

Pine River Hosting 120th Annual Cass County Fair

Central Minnesota patrons are filing into Pine River this week for the 120th annual Cass County Fair.

The Cass County Fair features a wide array of rides, food vendors, and activities for all attendees to enjoy.

“We have kids games, the demo derby on Friday for our grandstands events, Baja rally,” said Rhonda Adkins, Cass County Agricultural Association President. “We have two bands, the Rusty Zipper and the Way Side happening, and then we have a large karaoke contest happening on Thursday night.”

With all that the fair has to offer, it continues to keep Minnesotans coming back. Cass County Fair veterans are passing along the good word, bringing newcomers into the annual experience, and enjoying the fair with loved ones makes the occasion all the more worth it.

The Cass County Fair has drawn in returners and first timers for over a century and another big reason for that are the animals, whether it’s to see them or learn more about them.

“Yes, they are cute and all that, but they ask questions about like, where’d I get them or what’s their breed?” stated livestock worker Autumn Siltman.

But what the fair enthusiasts do not see is the amount of hard work those working with livestock put in.

“You’ve got to be there to wash your cows, got to be able to walk all of them,” Siltman explained. “Got to be able to keep pens clean, you’ve got to clean in the winter, and it’s cold … days that it rains, you can’t do a lot but cleaning or getting all the supplies. It’s a lot of work to put in, but all of us kids, this is what we like to do.

The Cass County Fair will continue through Sunday afternoon, and admission is free to all interested in attending. A schedule of events can be found on the fair’s website.

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