Apr 24, 2023 | By: Lakeland News

Pillager School Cancels Classes After Receiving Social Media Threat

Pillager Public Schools called off classes today after they received a threat over social media.

Students were sent home early after the school received the threat on Snapchat. There was not a specific threat made other than that an event would take place at 1:50 p.m.

After meeting with their crisis team and the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, school officials decided that for the safety of everyone, it was best to send students home at 1 p.m. Superintendent Michael Malmberg said they weren’t notified of the threat until this morning when students are already on buses on the way to school.

“We did open up school, we had extra law enforcement officers here at the time, by the time students got here,” said Malmberg. “We checked backpacks and made other arrangements to feel that we were secure at that time while we could do a little bit further investigating into the situation, but through further investigation, we still felt it was not knowing exactly where that warning came from, and not being able to quickly identify that, we felt it was best to dismiss at 1 o’clock today.”

Pillager will resume classes as normal tomorrow morning. To keep students safe during school hours, school staff will have extra law enforcement in and around the property, secure doors and have them checked often, and make sure they are looking out for anything suspicious or unusual.

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