Oct 24, 2018 | By: Shirelle Moore

Paul Bunyan’s Giant Christmas Tree Coming To Bemidji For First City Of Lights

Over the years, the Bemidji Jaycees have been working hard to turn Bemidji into Christmas City. This year, they’re taking it to the next level with their single largest investment ever.

“When the Jaycees took on this project in 2015, we really wanted to make Bemidji truly be Christmas City. So each year, we try to make changes and investments to expand and grow the Christmas Light display to really make it the First City Of Lights and truly the Christmas City of the North,” says Josh Peterson, the Bemidji Jaycees First City Of Lights Co-Chair.

Today, the Jaycees announced they will be bring a brand new LED Christmas Tree, known as Paul Bunyan’s Christmas Tree, to Paul Bunyan Park. The tree will be 56 ft. tall. It’s made of reusable metal structures and will give a special light show to the public every night on the top of the hour starting at 5.

“You’ll see the lights literally dance to holiday classics in the colors of red, green, blue and pure white, and after that music montage is completed, the tree will then just go into animation sequences,” says Peterson.

Additionally, the tree will be 27 feet wide. Since it is reusable, it can be used for years to come.

“Honestly, I’m excited because this tree can be around for even when my children actually are old enough to come and enjoy it and be here and be able to see all the different changes that have gone through the years,” says Taylor Kummet-Hiltz, also Co-Chair for the First City Of Lights.

Paul Bunyan’s Christmas Tree was made possible through a partnership through Paul Bunyan Communications. Grants were also secured for the tree from the Minnesota Jaycees Foundation. Other partners who helped bring the tree to its new home in Bemidji include the City of Bemidji Parks and Recreation Department, Northwest Minnesota Foundation, Otter Tail Power Company, Home Depot, Meyer’s Signs, and the Beltrami County Agriculture Association.

“Whether it’s adopting a tree or one of the big wreaths that are downtown or even just on the street light banners – it could potentially be used for future events that come with the First City Of Lights,” says Kummet-Hiltz.

The tree will start construction in Paul Bunyan Park next Thursday. It will begin its light display after the First City of Lights event on November 24th and through to Hockey Day Minnesota.

Peterson says, “With the addition of the giant tree, this year’s celebration will be the brightest Bemidji has ever seen.”

In addition to Paul Bunyan’s Christmas Tree, there will also be 200,000 lights placed all over the city of Bemidji. It’s the most lights the city has seen in 20 years.

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