Jan 17, 2020 | By: Destiny Wiggins

Paul Bunyan Communications Offering New GigaZone Blast Wi-Fi Service

Paul Bunyan Communications is now offering the world’s most powerful Wi-Fi to residents, businesses, and anyone in the area. The GigaZone Blast Wi-Fi 6 technology router increases data capacity and offers up to 75% lower latency for gaming and video streaming.

Gamers or non-gamers have a new feature to look forward to with the new Gigazone Blast Wi-Fi.

“We’re pretty excited to provide the latest in technology, I think our cooperative has a long history of doing that in the region and the latest technology that we’re able to roll out for our customers and members is GigaZone Blast Wi-Fi, which utilizes Wi-Fi 6 technology, that’s the world most powerful Wi-Fi today,” said Paul Bunyan Communications Marketing Supervisor Brian Bissonette.

This new feature offers a variety of solutions in making sure that the Wi-Fi runs faster as well as reaching up to 3x the coverage in your home.

“It has wider coverage, lower latency, so less time from point to point, and it also has better coverage because not only can it work its way around some of its obstructions, it also – even at the edges where you had internet that wasn’t useful, with this the internet speed is faster so it actually will be useful,” said Leo Anderson, Paul Bunyan Communications Digital Services Supervisor.

Paul Bunyan Communications is able to provide the new technology quickly due to the all-fiber optic network of the GigaZone to deliver gigabit speeds wirelessly.

“I’ve noticed in my personal experience with the Wi-Fi Blast I can have Wi-Fi access in places I didn’t normally have Wi-Fi access. At my home I can have it out in my yard where before the Wi-Fi would fall off pretty drastically in the yard, but now I can be driving around in the yard streaming Pandora or something and it actually works,” said Anderson.

Not only does the Wi-Fi 6 technology provide better speed, it also improves the performance when multiple devices are connected to the network.

Paul Bunyan Communications is the only Internet provider in the region offering the most up to date powerful Wi-Fi.

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