Mar 10, 2023 | By: Charlie Yaeger

Over 100 Students Participate in 33rd Annual Brainerd Sunrise Sertoma Warrior Liftathon

The 33rd annual Sunrise Sertoma Warrior Liftathon, held this week in Brainerd, is a three-day event raises funds for charitable organizations and those in need in the Brainerd area, as well as for improvements to school district weight rooms. The event, which started in 1991, is open to kids grades 8-12 and allows the kids to lift, while Sertoma helps raise the money.

Many of the participants are athletes, and while some were just curious what it was all about, others showed up to set records. In fact, all the lifting records for Brainerd High School come from the Sertoma Liftathon. Participants are judged by volunteers who ensure the weights are accurate and the lifts are done correctly.

The Liftathon doesn’t only look at the pure amount of weight lifted, though. They also calculate MPPO. Essentially, it measures weight ratio and is calculated by adding the three core lifts of power clean, bench, and squat and then divides by the lifter’s weight. The male and female lifters with the highest MPPO each receive a $1,000 scholarship and are crowned the winners of that year’s Liftathon.

The best part about the Sertoma Liftathon is the money raised for charities. It has raised over half a million dollars since it began, all of which has gone back into the Brainerd community.

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