May 29, 2018 | By: Josh Peterson

Northwoods Adventure: Speedway Love

Love can be found in the most unique places, but who would have thought love could be found at a race track? There is something in the dusty dirt track air at Bemidji Speedway where in the Wissota Mod Four Class, love is in the air.

Brian and Nicole Feda and Dean and Brenda Shaver are married couples that race Mod Four race cars – yes, married couples competing in the same class! From start to finish, these couples are in the race for the long haul.

For these racers, team work is key, they help each other out, both on and off the track. Where winning the race is the main objective, for these couples, it’s about beating each other through good old-fashioned competition.

While the dirt flies, so does their emotions, building a stronger relationships over the love of the sport.

As both cars and hearts race around the track, one thing is certain: for better or for worse, these couples are already champions.

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