Nov 26, 2019 | By: Chaz Mootz

Northwoods Adventure: Family Tradition Makes JB Tree Farm A Great Place To Find A Christmas Tree

At JB Tree Farm in Pierz, there are several options to find that perfect Christmas tree for your family. That special Christmas tree has been waiting to get picked for quite a long time.

“They are over 20 years old, so they grow in the field, we plant them when they are 3-year-old seedlings and it’ll take solid 20 years to get to be a 12 to 14-foot tree,” said Jon Blissenbach, co-owner of JB Tree Farm.

Around 1000 trees will be sold at JB Tree Farm, but that’s not the only Christmas item available to purchase.

“We do about 300 wreaths a year, my wife is actually in right now making some with our daughters,” said Blissenbach.

Selling wreaths with hand-crafted ornaments on them is a family tradition that’s been passed down for years.

“Jon’s mom Pat, she always did the wreath and gift shop stuff and that’s kind of been transitioned to me, she passed away a year and a half ago, so it’s been pretty cool to take it over; we have three kids and all three have helped out, especially the two girls, they have that artistic vibe that I think they get from their grandma,” said co-owner Becky Blissenbach.

That family atmosphere also extends to the customers, as JB Tree Farm provides a little extra care.

“We have a mechanical shaker, so all the trees we shake them out, which gets all the dead needles and dirt out of them and then we run it through a baler that wraps it in twine and you’re all ready to decorate in an hour, that’s all just part of the package,” said Jon Blissenbach.

Finding a Christmas tree can be hard, but when you do it as a family, you can’t really go wrong.

“I mean, this is a family tradition for us, something that we’ve done essentially since we started a family, it’s always one of those family things that we always kind of look back on,” said Little Falls resident Doug Dahlberg.

“Everything is about family and being together, and so you see everybody out there and they are having fun and they’re running around and you always see kids look so happy and they’re with their families,” said Becky Blissenbach.

So when deciding on where to get your family Christmas tree, why not go to a tree farm with a family atmosphere?

JB Tree Farm is open every day from 10:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M.

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