Nov 4, 2015 | By: Chelsie Brown

Northwood Adventures: Mud Lake Renamed to Lake Cuyuna

A lake North of Crosby has been renamed to Lake Cuyuna. Originally known as Mud Lake, along with the 200 other Mud Lakes in the state, residents of Wolford township and the surrounding areas thought it was time to make it more original.

For Karen Wilson, telling people she lived on Mud Lake didn’t sound the most appealing.

Wilson said there are about 7 Mud Lakes in Crow Wing County and about 4 in Wolford township where she lives and it was time for them to get their own identity.

From there the name need approval from the City of Cuyuna.

The goal Pete Boulay of the Minnesota DNR is to have one name for one feature across all branches of government.

The Minnesota DNR estimates that about only 2 lakes every 5 years are renamed. And for the change from Mud Lake to Lake Cuyuna took about a year and a half.

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