Aug 3, 2016 | By: Brenda Mak

More than 13,000 Cited During Extra Speed Enforcement Campaign

Fewer citations were issued this year, but more than 10,000 still violated the law.

More than 300 law enforcement agencies participated in July’s two-week extra speed enforcement around Minnesota from July 8 – 22.

Officers, deputies and troopers issued 13,214 citations for unsafe speeds; that’s compared with 16,410 speeding tickets during last year’s campaign, the Department of Public Safety reports.

There were also 1,543 seat belt citations compared with 2,101 in 2015.

Speeders Put Lives at Risk

During the campaign, 19 agencies reported speeds of 100 mph or more. Those speeds included:

  • 120 mph – Rosemount Police
  • 117 mph – Hermantown Police
  • 112 mph – Minnesota State Patrol
  • 111 mph – Rock County Sheriff’s Office
  • 110 mph – Medina Police
  • 110 mph – Minnesota State Patrol

The list of speeding citations and highest speed by participating agency can be found online.

Dangerous Excuses 

Some of the excuses law enforcement heard during the two-week period:

  • Trying to get to McDonald’s before it closed.
  • My multiple boxes of frozen meat are melting in the back seat.
  • I was going 55 in a 55, or whatever the speed limit is in the area.

Coordinated Effort

  • The enhanced enforcement and education efforts are coordinated through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety (DPS-OTS) with overtime paid with federal funds received from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • The extra overtime shifts also resulted in a number of other arrests and citations for DWI and texting-while-driving.

Consequences of Speeding

  • Greater potential for loss of vehicle control.
  • Increased stopping distance.
  • Less time for driver response for crash avoidance.
  • Increased crash severity leading to more severe injuries and death.

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