May 9, 2023 | By: Lakeland News

MN Law Enforcement Increasing Efforts to Stop Illegal Street Racing, Excessive Speeding

Minnesota State Troopers and partner agencies are reinforcing their commitment to cracking down on illegal street racing and excessive speeding across the state.

They say the number of incidents has declined since efforts to combat the issue began in 2021, but that street racing continues and in some cases is more aggressive.

In addition, the State Patrol has relaunched the Highway Enforcement for Aggressive Traffic (HEAT) program. Every 10-day period will require troopers to dedicate at least four hours to speed enforcement. The State Patrol will also have air support to ensure drivers attempting to flee from a traffic stop do not get away.

“It’s not simple as, two vehicles pull up to a stop sign, challenge each other, and just race for a quarter mile,” said Col. Matthew Langer, Minnesota State Patrol Chief, at a press conference held Tuesday. “This is an organized effort by people who are promoting it and trying to encourage it to happen, meeting in certain locations, meeting in the next location, with the goal of creating mayhem on our roadways that is undoubtedly going to lead to injury and death, more than it already has unless we get a handle on it.”

Also, Project 20(23) will take place this summer, where troopers will work in teams to conduct patrols in heavily trafficked areas. It will kick off this fishing opener weekend in the Brainerd Lakes Area, running from May 12th to the 14th.

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