Jan 13, 2023 | By: Lakeland News

MN DNR Urging Snowmobilers to Stay Safe On Trails and Frozen Waterways

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is emphasizing the importance of safety for one of the season’s most popular activities – snowmobiling.

With recent snowfall creating favorable riding conditions on trails, the reported number of snowmobile-related fatalities this year is on par with those from last year. The DNR says six riders have already died in crashes this season, the same amount as in the entire 2021-22 season.

Officials are now taking action in order to hopefully stop more fatal crashes. At a recent press conference, the DNR provided tips on avoiding crashes that could potentially be deadly.

“So we urge riders have a plan, ride together in a group, don’t drink and drive, alcohol and snowmobiles do not go well [together],” said DNR conservation officer Alexander Birdsall. “Keep your speed down – that means following the statewide speed limit on public trails and waterways that are frozen.”

Snowmobile riders are also reminded to stay on public trails, as those are taken care of on a regular basis by volunteer groups.

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