Jul 15, 2020 | By: Lakeland News

Minneapolis Police Testify at MN Senate Hearing on Recent Riots

Minneapolis police officers told state senators today that they were prepared to die to protect the city’s 3rd Precinct, but were told to stand down.

The testimony came during a hearing held by a Senate committee looking into the lawlessness of the riots and the responses of state and city leaders. Minneapolis city leaders made the unprecedented decision to abandon the police station on Thursday, May 28th in the midst of protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody.

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey said in a statement Wednesday that if he had ordered police to remain at the precinct, there would have been hand-to-hand combat, injuries, or worse. He said they instead prioritized de-escalation by reducing the number of officers outside the building and allocating them to neighborhoods and communities that Frey said badly needed the support.

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