Apr 24, 2017 | By: Clayton Castle

Measles Outbreak In Hennepin County Now At 20

The number of cases in the Hennepin County measles outbreak has now grown to 20 after eight new infections were confirmed on Monday.

All of the cases are in the Somali-American community in Hennepin County and for the first time during the current outbreak, a baby under 12 months old has been affected.

State health officials urge those who have yet to get the measles vaccination to do so to avoid further spread of the infection.

While the first dose of the vaccination is typically given around age 1 and the second dose around age 4 or 5, state health officials are urging children to get the second dose sooner if they live in the current outbreak area.

All of the children affected by the measles outbreak have been five years old and younger and exposure has been found at multiple day care centers.

Symptoms of measles include a sore throat, cough, fever, and a red skin rash.

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