Aug 25, 2021 | By: Nick Ursini

Mallory Weggemann Returns to Paralympics for 3rd Time with Eyes Set on Gold

Eagan, Minnesota resident and now three-time United States Paralympic swimmer Mallory Weggemann is back on the national stage representing the United States. After the postponement of the games last year, there was more to it than just the year-long delay.

“It was really challenging I think for my husband and I, more personally than professionally,” said Weggemann. “We were so excited to start for a family after those Tokyo games. As a female athlete, you have to family plan on that four-year quad.”

For a brief moment, there was a time that Weggemann’s competitive swimming days may be over.

“I had a brief moment in my closet, crying over the postponement because I just wanted to be a mom,” said Weggemann. “It lasted all of a split moment, then my husband came in and he put his arms around me and our dog came in and I was reminded I have my little family right here for right now.”

During quarantine, Weggemann wrote her first book, “Limitless”, which details her journey after she was paralyzed following an epidural shot to help with back pain.

“It was super important that I was on the cover because with me, comes the four-wheel beneath me,” said Weggemann. “By being on the cover meant then every shelf “Limitless” sits on, there is representation. We also have that moment to be able to change perception of how we see disability and seeing it celebrated for strength and beauty and all of the things that so often it’s not.”

Weggemann will swim in six events in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

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