Mar 20, 2023 | By: Lakeland News

Level 3 Predatory Offender Moves to Menahga Area

Patrick Walker (Credit: Minnesota Department of Corrections)

A Level 3 sex offender moved to the Menahga area this past week.

The Menahga Police Department says on March 15th, 33-year-old Patrick Walker relocated to the town. He was originally released from prison in November 2021.

Walker has a history of engaging in sexual conduct with a teenage girl over a period of time. The fact sheet provided by police says Walker used force to gain control in this situation. He also engaged in the solicitation of an unknown teenage female and used money to gain control.

Walker has served his sentence and is not wanted by law enforcement. This notification is not meant to increase fear, but rather to raise awareness. Law enforcement believes an informed public is a safer public.

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