Nov 15, 2019 | By: Nathan Green

Lakes Area Unlimited Learning Discusses the Importance of the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is a critical part of the Minnesota habitat and a major source of drinking water for Minnesotans. Lakes Area Unlimited Learning recently hosted a Mississippi Headwaters event in Crosby on Tuesday addressing how important the 2,000-mile river is to the state of Minnesota.

Todd Holman, Mississippi Headwaters program director, expressed concern from the Nature Conservancy on the water quality of the Mississippi River and discussed why Minnesota could be at risk if it doesn’t take action. Members of the Nature Conservancy say it is urgent to protect the water quality of the Mississippi River because of the importance it has on the region.

“Doing conservation work in the Mississippi River Headwaters has multiple benefits. It not only benefits the habitat, but when you’re doing that you’re also protecting drinking water and water flow, so there are multiple benefits that really have economic value to our recreation/tourism industry, as well as drinking water, the cost of treating water, and there’s a cultural theme to that as well, too,” said Holman.

Holman also added that conservation must take place collectively between both the residents that live on the Mississippi Headwaters and the residents that live downstream.

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