Apr 2, 2021 | By: Betsy Melin

In Focus: Headwaters Music & Arts Letting Teens Jam With the Band

Headwaters Music & Arts in Bemidji has started a new program designed for teens to learn what it means to play in a band full of different instruments.

One of the most exciting parts of learning an instrument is figuring out how you can sound alongside other musicians. Headwaters has started a program to show teens how to be a part of a band.

The idea of creating a band program is not new to the school, so it was not hard to find staff eager to get involved. They are hoping this can take those who already know how to play and help them develop a new skill of playing with a group by exploring aspects of song structure, dynamics and phrasing, band organization, and social dynamics.

This is the first time this program has been run by Headwaters, meaning that including COVID-19 protocols was an important aspect of planning. This is a program that will build skills but hopefully also relationships.

The program is weekly and started Thursday, April 1. It will last for eight weeks total.

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