Nov 15, 2019 | By: Malaak Khattab

In Focus: Disney’s Frozen Jr. Coming To The Reif Center

The kids can’t seem to let it go as Disney’s Frozen Jr. makes its way to the Reif Center. It was a production Reif Center Creative Director Jim Cagle says they’ve been wanting to do.

“We were looking for a show to do that would involve a lot of kids, and Frozen Jr. came out and our Tech Director here at the Reif Center, John, said, ‘Jim, just found out that Frozen Jr. is now out, what do you think?’ and it was like, we need to do it,” Cagle said.

Disney Junior shows are a shorter version of Disney’s full shows. The musical runs for about an hour long and is being produced by the Reif Arts Council in collaboration with the Grand Rapids Players.

About 70 kids are in the Frozen Jr. production, and some are playing some iconic magical roles that most who are familiar with Arendelle will recognize.

“I love ‘Let It Go,’ it’s pretty generic but it’s Elsa figuring out who she is as a character. It’s her discovering that her powers are more than just something to be controlled. She really dives into them and lets it go,” said Bailey Mason, who plays Elsa.

“The fact that he’s funny and sarcastic a lot of the times,” said Daniel Dobke who plays Kristoff. “That’s kind of like me.”

“Prince Hans is supposed to be a charming guy that shows up to be believed as the love interested but eventually turns evil and tries to take over the kingdom,” said Riley Linnell, who plays Prince Hans. “I kind of like the maliciousness that I get to put behind it.”

Cagle says the show is expected to open this weekend with a huge turnout. Tickets are practically sold out. The musical brings Anna, Elsa and the land of Arendelle to life. Many can expect original songs from the movie, along with some new tunes.

“There’s all those loved songs in the movie, like ‘First Time in Forever,’ ‘Let It Go,’ ‘Fixer Upper’ is in it too,” said Catherine Rud who plays Anna. “But there are also five new songs including ‘Let the Sun Shine On’ and one called ‘Hygge,’ the Oaken family – it’s super fun, but it’s a little different so I’m hoping that people like that.”

For the first time in forever, the kids are ready to bring Arendelle to the stage. Disney’s Frozen Jr. will run through the weekend at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids. In spring 2020, the Grand Rapids Players will feature a production of Madagascar.

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