Jan 31, 2023 | By: Mary Balstad

In Business: New Owners, Same Name for Mireault’s Home Furnishings in Fosston

Major changes are coming to Mireault’s Home Furnishings in Fosston for 2023, with the biggest change already starting at the beginning of the year.

The previous owners privately sold the business back in December of last year, but under this new ownership the store will maintain old traditions while working on new practices.

Established more than 50 years ago, Mireault’s Home Furnishings in Fosston has been a staple to the community. The big draw of it being a family-run-and-operated business will stay true after recently being purchased by a local husband and wife.

Mike and Michelle Curfman were in discussion with Greg Mireault for over a month before the change in ownership fully processed. But just because there are new names as the owners of Mireault’s, it doesn’t mean the practices of face-to-face sales and family-first mentalities are out.

Rather, with the Curfmans being a local family from Fosston, they’re planning for the spirit of Mireault’s stay the same. And while Mike and Michelle work to learn layout and plans of the furniture store, Greg Mireault is planning on assisting to assure a seamless transition.

While there are plans to keep specific aspects of the store the same, such as the name and the atmosphere, other changes will be implemented further into 2023. Mireault himself said he has been working on an online store for almost six years. Now, only a few finishing touches are needed, specifically with the check-out portion, to ensure a successful launch. The online store, which will also allow for the store to keep up with competition, is expected to be fully operational within the next few months.

Regardless of whether it’s in the store or online, one part is bound to remain the same: the family name.

The transition to new ownership will be officially completed by March.

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