Jan 9, 2023 | By: Justin Othoudt

In Business: Brainerd’s VR Odyssey Offers Virtual Reality Fun for All

Virtual reality has been an object of public fascination for years, and while virtual reality gaming become more popular recent years, VR headsets and equipment are rather expensive and can be difficult to run. Enter Brainerd’s VR Odyssey, now located inside the Franklin Art Center in Brainerd, which hopes to provide virtual reality experiences for all to enjoy.

Described as a virtual reality center, VR Odyssey seeks to provide an environment for people to enjoy virtual reality without the high costs the experience usually requires.

VR Odyssey offers a multitude of different virtual adventures, ranging from high-octane action to escape rooms, and even to more relaxed simulations. But by far the most popular experience is the VR center’s archery program.

“Everyone has an idea of how to use a bow and arrow. They start the game, there’s a bow in one hand and arrows in the other hand and they put them together, pull the trigger, bring [the controller] back and they’re defending a village.” explained VR Odyssey Owner and Operator Nick Sucik. “It really kinda like, clicks something and they feel like they’re in that experience.”

Of course, part of the fun of VR is actually getting the opportunity to become fully immersed in whatever setting they wish to experience.

“Even though they intellectually know that they’re on carpet in Brainerd, Minnesota, for them to just have that cognizant disconnect, that total immersion.” said Sucik. “It’s an experience that, you know, people have, they remember the first they tried VR, it’s something they talk about, and I get to see that over and over again and it’s just gratifying to see that technology just flash.”

VR Odyssey states that they would like to create more immersive experiences such as advanced flight simulators for customers in the near future. More information on their games and simulations can be found on their website.

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