Apr 3, 2023 | By: Charlie Yaeger

In Business: Brainerd Technologies Company Adapts to Changing Tech Climate

ATEK Access Technologies was founded in 77 years ago, and their factory in Brainerd has moved around in that time but now sits at the corner of Tenth Ave. and Highway 25. In a dynamic, tech-driven world, ATEK has been forced to change and has acquired three other companies along the way to keep up with the current global market. Today, they have three major production lines churning out products that are used both in the city of Brainerd and around the world.

Larco is one of the original lines that was a part of ATEK. They produce rubber mats with sensors in them that are also waterproof and have many uses, including opening doors or shutting off dangerous equipment when a person gets too close. They also produce wall switches for opening doors, the blue handicap ones being the most common.

TankScan is another production line that has been acquired over the years. They make sensors for liquid tanks that help measure fluid levels, among other things, allowing consumers to remotely monitor the tanks to save time and money. The other big product line is Datakey, making military-grade high-security tokens and flash drives.

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